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24 February 2030 @ 09:22 pm

ready, set, go!
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12 July 2013 @ 09:32 pm
Have fun watching everyone else suffer because of your "thoughtfulness".

Just saying. Hell hath no fury like a fansub team angered.

Link to the thread in question is HERE, but since it's reached the comment limit, I can't let them experience my spectacular sarcasm. :c
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08 June 2013 @ 05:12 am
Hello guys, let me just indulge myself in this temporary fleeting happiness.

placed under a cut so I don't destroy your lists lolCollapse )

I don't know, but seeing my name up there as a contributor even though I haven't officially finished a project with bunnyandclover yet makes me happy.

Incredulously happy, and I don't even know why. yes I am bipolar let's get over that fact

Nothing, just wanted to share this. (: I'm glad that at least Plant (who I call Aiba-shi now trololol) and Bunny trust me this much to ask me to help them out.

Just a little happiness to counter the negativity in my previous private post. :) I'll be posting about another positive hopeful moment later! ♥ Off to watch Code Blue. c:

EDIT: I just realized this while scrolling down my Friends Page for a bit... I am in TOO MANY COMMS. Too many. Sad to note that most of the actively updating comms present on my FP (based on my one minute scroll lol) are from fandoms I don't even remotely care about anymore.

See, this is why I prefer checking communities individually. :) Just a thought. Over and out!

- miyuu
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22 April 2013 @ 03:56 am

I rarely post on LJ, but I just finished watching the first episode of Kazoku Game (Family Game) with English subs XD It's a remake of a 1983 movie and is my ex-husband Sho's new drama (if you've been living under a rock or have no idea about what the heck I'm talking about).

I actually watched it the day after it was aired -- thank the heavens for fast raw uploaders and Japanese subs -- but did not get to understand the episode in its entirety until English hardsubs were finished by bunnyandclover.

It's currently 3:56am as of this writing and I definitely am supposed to be asleep now (need to be up by 6am oh lawd) but I decided to just start on this post and pick it up and finish it later when I get home from errands. All the feels are simply too overwhelming to ignore.

Consider this post a review of sorts, but it will mostly be on my opinion and first impressions of the drama based on the pilot episode, and the symbolisms and the nitty gritty things that I notice in it. Let me just warn you in advance that I won't exactly say that this post is going to be spoiler-free XD But if you aren't bothered by the spoilers, go ahead and read on... after the cut that will come later.

Seriously, it's almost 4am. Gotta hit the sack first. Come back and read later, yes? Thank you! :D I miss you, friends! ❤ Let's flail about this later.

But before I leave, let me just say this:

Great job, Sakurai Sho. You've definitely fully won my heart back again. You have my entire attention and support for Kazoku Game / Endless Game. Yoshimoto-sensei is definitely another eccentric character that I am looking forward to analyzing and debunking. ♥

miyuu ☆
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ok so I know my Livejournal is primarily a Arashi fandom account, but...


I didn't actually expect I'd be able to register as a blogger, seeing as I don't have a permanent blogging platform (aside from my occasional fandom derping here and on flyingf1sh), but The Photoblogger said I could register as a blogger, and invited me to send in a Blogger registration.

No words can express how excited I am at the prospect of actually being able to join this event for the very first time. For the past two instances, I was unable to join, largely due to two things: either I have prior commitments, or I actually forget (or rather, am too intimidated) to register for a slot. Nevertheless, I am thankful and extremely grateful for the invitation that The Photoblogger has extended to me, because this time, I am actually, yes, actually FINALLY able to join in. No schedule constraints. No prior appointments. Just me finally being able to fully enjoy the company of fellow bloggers as I learn new things during this summit.

As this will be my first time to joint the event, I have pretty high expectations during the event (seeing as the past two camps have been very successful) in regards to the quality and quantity of the topics to be covered during the camp. I hear that this year's theme will be Building Blogging Communities, focusing on Social Media Communities and other related topics. Pretty good for me, as I am someone who actively participates in social media communities, and use social media to get the word across. I was mainly responsible for the advertising of Japan Fest 2012's cosplay event, after all.

Also, since the venue this year will be the Cebu International Convention Center - CICC, I am visualizing a huge venue that will be very conducive to the bloggers' learning experience (aka: dili magsardinas ang mga tao / the people wouldn't pack into the venue like canned sardines).

But most of all, I am very excited at the prospect of interacting with Cebu's big bloggers, meeting new friends (cough potential contacts cough), and learning from the best. What's more, the keynote speaker will be Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, a lady of immense grace and intelligence that I deeply admire and respect.

ok I am sorry too much fangirl feels cough cough

Anyway, registration for limited slots (200 slots only!) is still ongoing for bloggers and non-bloggers HERE. Please do read through the page and its related pages thoroughly, to make sure you're on the right track. ;) Do drop me a line here or on Facebook if you're going! ♥

And last but not the least, let us thank the generous sponsors and partners who were very willing to support this endeavor for the Cebuano blogging community. Thank you so much for making this reality happen!


Cebu Provincial Government Globe


The Center Suites Pinoy Great Deals




Sugbo TV
Mozilla Philippines


Cebu Directories

Kitakits, mga Cebuano bloggers!

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